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For centuries, gold has been an ongoing commodity sought after by both the rich and poor. Throughout history the metal has been synonymous with power, wealth, beauty and accomplishment, a constant leader in the precious metals industry that has set the bar for the investment purposes, and a contributing factor to a country’s economy. The…

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Through the intensity of heat and the seasonal flash floods in the Outback of Australia, life is taken and reborn in magnificent ways. One stone that has the ability to capture the changing times of a seemingly helpless scenario in a breathtaking manner is the opal.   Housing the blues of sapphire, reds of ruby,…

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What You Need to Know About the Cricket World Cup Coin

Picture a sport played with a bat and a ball on a field. You thought of baseball, right? Well, if you were from Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia, England, South Africa, or many other countries around the world, chances are you would have thought of cricket. Right now, the eyes of the cricket world…

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