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How to Sell Rare Coins: Tips for Appraisal, Grading, and Selling Rare Coins

Sell Rare Coins

Did you know that the most expensive coin ever sold fetched a mind-boggling $18,872,250 at auction? Yes, that’s nearly $19 million for a single coin — a 1933 Double Eagle in exceptional condition. Rare coins can be worth a pretty penny! While you likely aren’t sitting on a $19 million one-of-a-kind like the 1933 Double…

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The Most Expensive Coin Ever Sold + Top 10 Most Valuable Coins

Most expensive coin

Every so often, a coin comes along that is so rare that it is truly almost priceless. Of course, even “priceless” things have a price these days – but they are often so absurdly expensive that it is hard to wrap your head around. Up until recently, the most expensive coin ever sold was the…

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Here’s How to Sell a Coin Collection in Seattle

Picture of coin collection for sale

Did you know that the value of the global coin collection market was worth $8.8 billion in 2022? Perhaps more impressively, it’s set to grow at approximately 10.5% per year, reaching $17.3 billion by 2029. Okay, so maybe your coin collection isn’t worth billions — but you may be surprised at how much it is worth….

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Rate Cuts in 2024? The Fed’s Impact on Gold and Silver Prices

Investor looking at rate graphs

2023 was the year of rising interest rates. Could 2024 see rate cuts? It seems possible, given the Federal Reserve’s recent guidance. As markets digest the possibility of rate cuts in 2024, we look at the gold and silver spot markets to see what falling interest rates could mean for precious metal investors. Are Interest…

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Gold Hits New All-Time High: $2,135 per Ounce

Gold All-Time High

Gold investors have had a wild run as of late. In early December 2023, gold hit a new all-time high: Several, actually! This article explains the new gold all-time high, why it happened, why it matters, and what might be next for gold spot prices. Gold All-Time High: $2,135 per Ounce On Monday, December 4th,…

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What Is the Gold to Silver Ratio? Does It Matter?

Gold and silver coins stacked up

Precious metals investors have plenty of good reasons to buy both gold and silver. But is either better than the other? And is now a “better” time to buy gold, silver, or both? Some traders and investors look to the gold to silver ratio to track the ratio between these two metals. This informs their trading…

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Gold Tops $2,000: What’s Driving the Gold Price Rally?

Gold Over 2000 per oz 2023

In recent months, gold investors have seen the gold spot price surging and approaching all-time highs. Gold has now spiked over $2,000 per oz multiple times in this year — but what’s driving the gold price rally? Gold Spot: 2023 Performance In the last 12 months to date, gold has surged from just under $1,700…

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Protect Your Bullion Investments: Secure Storage, Insurance, IRAs and More

Gold in a bank vault safe

We all know the importance of investing in a wide variety of assets to help grow wealth and spread out risk. And many choose to use physical precious metal bullion – like gold bars or silver coins – to improve the overall diversification of their investment holdings. But investing in precious metals present a unique…

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Why Do Central Banks Buy Gold?

Why do central banks buy gold

There’s a whole lot of gold in the world – about 244,000 metric tons discovered so far, to be exact. That’s around 538,020,000 pounds of gold, or around 7,846,125,000 troy ounces. In dollar terms, that amount of gold would be worth $14,319,178,125,000 (that’s $14.3 trillion dollars). A mind-boggling quantity of gold, to be sure. But where…

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Gifting Jewelry: How to Find the Perfect Gift

Gifting jewelry

Whether you’re shopping for an anniversary gift, a birthday present, or simply a kind gesture to let someone know you care for them, jewelry can make a fantastic gift. From necklaces and pendants to watches and rings, few things light us up more than a fine piece of jewelry. And receiving a jewelry gift can…

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Palladium Market Crash: What Happened, and What’s Next

Palladium Market Crash

Investors in palladium have been in for a bumpy ride the last several years. After spiking to an all-time-high of $3,099 per oz in March, 2022, the palladium spot price has since declined to around $1,200. This represents a decline of roughly 61% from the all-time high. So, what happened to the once much-hyped precious…

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What’s Next for Gold and Silver Investors? 2023/2024 Precious Metals Outlook

Precious Metals Outlook 2023

We’re now well over half way through 2023, and it has been a tumultuous year for financial markets. It’s certainly been a year of surprises. Global stock markets — and particularly the US market — have rebounded nicely, despite persistent inflation worries and the ongoing war in Ukraine. The S&P 500 was up 14% YTD…

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Are Millennials Hoarding Gold? (Yes, Kind of…)

Millennials Hoarding Gold

Gold can make for a fantastic investment, and is commonly used as a way to diversify a broader investment portfolio. But gold sometimes gets categorized as something that’s old-fashioned or out of style in the investment world. After all, it’s been around for millennia. Isn’t gold mostly bought and held by older investors? As it…

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2023 Precious Metals Half-Year Review: Spot Market Analysis for Gold, Silver, Platinum

Precious Metals Spot Market Analysis

It’s just over half-way through 2023, and it’s been an eventful year for global asset markets. This article will look specifically at the precious metals spot market to analyze trends and identify opportunities. We’ll look specifically at the spot markets for gold and silver, as well as platinum and palladium. Here are some key takeaways…

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Is It Safe to Buy Gold Online?

Buying gold online

Gold is a unique asset. It’s been considered valuable for literally thousands of years, and its history dates back further than any other asset besides real estate. Today, gold remains a popular investment option. Investors appreciate that it’s a physical asset, and that it has unique diversification properties. Many also use gold as a hedge…

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