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Gold vs. Bitcoin for Investors

Cryptocurrency basics

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Modern investors have literally thousands of investment options at their fingertips. From classics like stocks and real estate to newer asset classes like cryptocurrency, it can certainly feel overwhelming! Beyond the standard asset classes, investors have a variety of options when…

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How to Downsize or Declutter Your Home in Seattle

Downsize declutter in Seattle

Did you know that the average American household has around 300,000 items in it? This mind-boggling stat points to a common fact: Many of us simply have too much stuff! Maybe you’re getting ready for a move. Or perhaps you’re exploring minimalism. Or maybe, you just have too much clutter and you’re looking to tidy…

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How to Sell an Engagement Ring in Seattle

Sell engagement ring Seattle

Engagement rings are beautiful, sentimental pieces of jewelry — and they are also quite valuable. Are you looking to sell an engagement ring in Seattle (or anywhere, for that matter)? This guide will explore the ins and outs of selling engagement rings. We’ll cover how to sell your ring safely, where to sell it, and…

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How to Prepare for a Recession in Seattle

Preparing for a recession Seattle

There’s a lot of talk in the news about a potential recession. Many experts believe a recession is likely in 2023, due to a combination of factors including high inflation, rising interest rates, and residual disruptions from the pandemic. Nobody can fully predict the future. But with a recession seeming likely, it’s a good idea…

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How to Sell an Inheritance in Seattle (Estates, Collections and More)

Sell inheritance in Seattle

If you’ve received a physical inheritance from a loved one, or you’re working to liquidate an estate, you surely have questions. The process can feel overwhelming, and things can get even more complex when there are physical assets involved. How — and where — should you sell these items? This guide will focus on how…

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Where to Sell Valuables in Seattle

Where to sell valuables in Seattle

If you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash this month, selling some valuables is a good option. Especially if you have items that you don’t actively use, or old collections that are simply gathering dust! But how — and where — should you sell your valuables? It’s an important question to consider, and…

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How to Make Extra Money in Seattle

Make extra money in Seattle

With inflation soaring, rents rising and the economy looking shaky at best, many Seattleites are operating on a tight budget. If you’re wondering how to make extra cash in the Seattle area, we have some helpful ideas! Note that most of these ideas are relevant for folks in the greater Pacific Northwest, including Bellevue, Lynnwood,…

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Strong US Dollar: What It Means for Bullion & The Economy

Strong US dollar

You may have heard that the dollar is strong right now. But what does that actually mean? And what might it mean for those of us who invest in precious metals? What is a “strong” dollar? A strong dollar means that the US dollar is relatively more valuable than other currencies. The US dollar is one…

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Overview of Alternative Investments: Bullion, Crypto, Collectibles & More

Alternative investments

For many people, investing is pretty simple. Buy stocks, maybe some bonds, and call it good. But savvy investors know the value in proper diversification. Diversifying your assets helps reduce risk, while also potentially improving returns. There’s a whole world of alternative investments outside of the standard stocks and bonds. This guide will serve as…

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Bullion Premiums Explained (Cost Over Spot)

Bullion premiums

When you purchase physical bullion, you will pay slightly more than the cost of the metal’s spot price. What is the reason for this price mismatch? The difference is called the “premium”, and it can make a substantial difference for bullion investors. What is a bullion premium, exactly? This guide will explore the topic in-depth….

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Selling Bullion Online vs. Locally

Selling Bullion Online vs. Locally

If you have gold or silver bullion, old gold coins, or even alternative precious metals like platinum, you may be wondering where to sell them. It’s an important decision to make, as where you sell will directly influence how much you can get for your valuables. In most cases, you will have three main options:…

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Buying Bullion Online vs. In-Store

buying bullion online vs. in store

If you’re a bullion investor, you are likely always on the lookout for a good deal on gold or silver. And broadly speaking, you have two main ways to buy bullion: Either online, or locally through a bullion dealer or coin shop. Which option is best? The answer, as usual, is “it depends”. Here’s what…

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Summer Activities in Seattle

Seattle summer activities

Seattle is often the butt of jokes relating to our famously gloomy weather. But as any PNW local could tell you, the summers here are actually delightful. Not too hot, not too cold, and plenty of warm, long summer nights to enjoy with family and friends. If you’re looking for some creative summer activities in Seattle,…

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Activities in Bellevue: 6 Fun Things to Do in Bellevue

Activities in Bellevue

Bellevue is a beautiful, bustling place to live, and one of our personal favorite cities in the Northwest. And with a population of nearly 150,000, plus influence from nearby Seattleites, there is plenty to do in Bellevue. Whether you’re visiting town and looking for things to do in Bellevue, or you’re a local looking for…

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How to Sell Stamps in Seattle

Sell stamps in Seattle

Stamp collecting is an enjoyable hobby, but sometimes, it’s time to move on. Perhaps you no longer actively collect, or maybe you inherited a collection from a loved one. What should you do with your stamps? If you have a stamp collection, you may be wondering what it’s worth — or how to go about…

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