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Gifting Jewelry: How to Find the Perfect Gift

Gifting jewelry

Whether you’re shopping for an anniversary gift, a birthday present, or simply a kind gesture to let someone know you care for them, jewelry can make a fantastic gift. From necklaces and pendants to watches and rings, few things light us up more than a fine piece of jewelry. And receiving a jewelry gift can…

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Palladium Market Crash: What Happened, and What’s Next

Palladium Market Crash

Investors in palladium have been in for a bumpy ride the last several years. After spiking to an all-time-high of $3,099 per oz in March, 2022, the palladium spot price has since declined to around $1,200. This represents a decline of roughly 61% from the all-time high. So, what happened to the once much-hyped precious…

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What’s Next for Gold and Silver Investors? 2023/2024 Precious Metals Outlook

Precious Metals Outlook 2023

We’re now well over half way through 2023, and it has been a tumultuous year for financial markets. It’s certainly been a year of surprises. Global stock markets — and particularly the US market — have rebounded nicely, despite persistent inflation worries and the ongoing war in Ukraine. The S&P 500 was up 14% YTD…

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Are Millennials Hoarding Gold? (Yes, Kind of…)

Millennials Hoarding Gold

Gold can make for a fantastic investment, and is commonly used as a way to diversify a broader investment portfolio. But gold sometimes gets categorized as something that’s old-fashioned or out of style in the investment world. After all, it’s been around for millennia. Isn’t gold mostly bought and held by older investors? As it…

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2023 Precious Metals Half-Year Review: Spot Market Analysis for Gold, Silver, Platinum

Precious Metals Spot Market Analysis

It’s just over half-way through 2023, and it’s been an eventful year for global asset markets. This article will look specifically at the precious metals spot market to analyze trends and identify opportunities. We’ll look specifically at the spot markets for gold and silver, as well as platinum and palladium. Here are some key takeaways…

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Is It Safe to Buy Gold Online?

Buying gold online

Gold is a unique asset. It’s been considered valuable for literally thousands of years, and its history dates back further than any other asset besides real estate. Today, gold remains a popular investment option. Investors appreciate that it’s a physical asset, and that it has unique diversification properties. Many also use gold as a hedge…

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Buying Coins on eBay: Is it Safe?

Buying Coins on eBay

Coin collecting is a wonderful hobby, and there are many good places to shop for your next find. Whether you’re an avid collector or just getting started, you may be wondering: Is it safe to buy coins on eBay? (Or other online marketplaces, for that matter!) The answer is that it depends. It can be…

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How Much is Gold Worth?

Buying gold online

Gold is a precious metal that is worth a LOT of money. It’s a material with a rich history dating back thousands of years, and it’s one of the only items (besides land and real estate) that has consistently been considered valuable for millennia. But how much is gold worth, exactly? Right now, it’s worth…

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Tacoma Pawn Shops: Best Places to Sell Valuables in Tacoma

Tacoma pawn shops

The economy is in rough shape these days, with more and more Tacoma families struggling to make ends meet. And with a potential recession on the horizon, it’s possible things could get worse before they get better. If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, you may be considering selling valuables you own. Whether that’s…

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10 Great Tacoma Date Night Ideas

Tacoma Date Night Ideas

Tacoma is a beautiful city with a rich history. Whether you’re a lifelong local or a recent transplant, there’s always more to explore in this vibrant, growing city — and a Tacoma date night is the perfect time to get out and try something new! Looking to take your special someone out for a nice…

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How to Sell Gold and Silver in Tacoma

Sell Gold and Silver in Tacoma

Gold and silver are valuable precious metals that are used in coins, jewelry, bullion, and more. With prices of both metals soaring, more and more people are looking to sell gold and silver — but many don’t know how. This guide will explain how to sell gold in Tacoma for top dollar. If you’re outside…

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Where to Sell Valuables in Tacoma

Where to Sell Valuables in Tacoma

Whether you’re clearing out an estate or inheritance, downsizing your home, or simply looking to drum up some extra cash, selling valuables can feel overwhelming. How should you go about selling valuables, and where should you sell them? This guide will explore where to sell valuables in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding area. If you…

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How to Sell Paper Currency & Collectible Money in Seattle

How to Sell Paper Currency in Seattle

You surely know the joys of collecting. Whether you’re more interested in coins, currency, or other collectibles, nothing quite beats the thrill of adding to your collection!  But what if you’re looking to downsize, make some extra money, or perhaps sell a collection you’ve inherited? You might be wondering how to sell currency notes, or…

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How to Sell Dental Gold in Seattle

Sell Dental Gold in Seattle

Gold has been used in dentistry for many decades, often being used to create crowns for damaged teeth. While it’s less used nowadays, many people have gold crowns — and they can be quite valuable!  But what can you do with dental gold in Seattle — or other scrap gold, for that matter? It’s an…

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