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Inherited a Watch or Watch Collection? Here’s What to Do Next

Inherited watch collection on display

If you’ve recently received an inheritance, you may be wondering the best course of action. With liquid assets the path might be more clear — but what should you do with physical valuables that you inherit? If you inherit a watch collection, for example, what should you do with it?

It starts with understanding what you have, then determining whether you’d like to keep it or sell it. Here’s what to do with an inherited watch collection.

I Inherited a Watch Collection — What Should I Do With It?

Here’s a step by step breakdown of what you do when you inherit a watch collection (or a single nice watch):

1. Figure Out What You Have

First, do some digging to determine the brand and model numbers of each watch in the collection. There are a few ways to go about this:

  • Bring the collection to a qualified watch buyer. Call your local coin shop or jewelry store to see if they buy watches and would be willing to assess your collection. If you’re in the greater Seattle area, Bellevue Rare Coins is a trusted watch buyer and we’d be happy to evaluate your items for free.
  • Use your phone’s image search. Using Google Lens (on Android phones) or Visual Look-Up for iOS phones, you can take a picture of an item and immediately search the web for products matching that image. With watches, this can usually tell you the brand of the watch, but may not be able to accurately tell you the model number. It’s a great starting point, but usually requires some additional digging.
  • Look for a model number or serial number. Examine your watch(es) closely for any signs of a model number or serial number. This may be located on the watch itself — often on the back cover or near the battery cage with the cover removed. Alternatively, the model number is typically included in the watch case or packaging, if you still have it.

Make a list of the items you have, their model numbers, and the approximate condition of each.

2. Determine the Value of the Watch Collection

Next, figure out how much your inherited watches are worth. Again, there are a few ways to do this:

  • Visit a qualified watch buyer. Coin shops and jewelry shops often purchase watches and will typically evaluate your items for free. Looking to sell watches in Seattle? Bellevue Rare Coins is the Northwest’s trusted buyer of watches, coins, gold and more since 1979. If you’re not in the Seattle area, search on Google for well-rated watch buyers in your area.
  • Look up watch values online. Resources like Watch Charts can provide a good starting point for determining the value of a watch. These sites are often used by watch investors to identify up-and-coming models and keep track of historical prices. You can also use eBay to determine approximate prices for specific models. Keep in mind that any values you find online are just approximate. Additionally, they’re often what a direct collector might pay, not what a dealer or watch buyer might pay you. Take these figures with a grain of salt.

Figuring out the approximate value of your watch collection inheritance can help you determine the best course of action moving forward.

3. Decide to Keep or Sell Inherited Watch Collection

If the watch collection holds sentimental value for you, it may be worth keeping. On the other hand, if the collection is quite valuable, selling components or the whole collection may be more beneficial for you.

Keep in mind that you can always keep a watch or two that you particularly enjoy, and sell the rest.

If you do decide to sell, make sure you’re working with a trusted buyer.

Bellevue Rare Coins Is Your Trusted Seattle Watch Buyer

Do you live in the Seattle, Lynnwood, Issaquah, Bellevue, or Tacoma area? If so, we hope you’ll trust Bellevue Rare Coins for all your watch selling needs.

Our skilled staff members are standing by at our Bellevue, Tacoma, Issaquah and Lynnwood stores to evaluate your items and prepare a no-obligation cash offer. We buy all types of watches, from high-end Rolex watches to large vintage collections. Learn more about selling to Bellevue Rare Coins here.

Stop into Bellevue Rare Coins today to see why we’re the Seattle area’s best watch buyer! We look forward to seeing you.

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