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As one of the world’s most coveted metals, gold has inspired many a prospector to search the earth for his or her fortune. Though few miners have ever made their riches solely from gold, a lucky few have come across some truly awe-inspiring nuggets that make headlines. Read about them in Bold Gold: The World’s…

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For centuries, gold has been an ongoing commodity sought after by both the rich and poor. Throughout history the metal has been synonymous with power, wealth, beauty and accomplishment, a constant leader in the precious metals industry that has set the bar for the investment purposes, and a contributing factor to a country’s economy. The…

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Pike’s Peak Gold Rush and the Birth of the Denver Mint

This is the fourth installment in a series of articles about the United States mints. In the 1850s in the United States, when many people thought of the Wild West, they thought of gold. Tales of people from showing up broke as beggars and leaving as rich as sultans were told all over America. By…

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How Everyone Got Rich Prospecting For Gold In Washington

Thar’s gold in them thar hills! Well, sort of. While Washington has never had a Gold Rush like the one that started in California in 1848 or the Klondike strike of 1897, the Evergreen State has benefited from the rich history of gold mining in the Northwest. For a while, Walla Walla was the largest…

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