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As one of the world’s most coveted metals, gold has inspired many a prospector to search the earth for his or her fortune. Though few miners have ever made their riches solely from gold, a lucky few have come across some truly awe-inspiring nuggets that make headlines. Read about them in Bold Gold: The World’s…

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The Biggest Gold Nugget Ever Found

If you visit the Australian town of Dunolly today, you’ll probably run into more than a few modern-day prospectors hoping to strike it rich with their metal detectors. There’s a good reason gold seekers still descend upon the town. Just ten miles away lies the site of the discovery of the largest solid gold nugget…

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How People Are Finding Buried Treasure

Haven’t we all seen that guy on the beach or in the park — with his socks pulled high and headphones on, swinging a funny contraption over the ground — and thought to ourselves, “that guy won’t find anything! What a waste of time!” Well, maybe we’ve got it wrong. On January 16th of this…

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