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Through the intensity of heat and the seasonal flash floods in the Outback of Australia, life is taken and reborn in magnificent ways. One stone that has the ability to capture the changing times of a seemingly helpless scenario in a breathtaking manner is the opal.   Housing the blues of sapphire, reds of ruby,…

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What the Seahawks Super Bowl Ring Is Really Worth

Who can forget that day in February when Seattle won Super Bowl XLVIII? Not only did the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos, they beat them in a landslide. While many were confident in their victory, no one guessed they’d win 43-8. An incredible win deserves an incredible Super Bowl championship ring. And an incredible ring…

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Incredible Diamonds Just Found in Africa

Diamonds have long been the world’s most precious gemstones, admired universally for their strength and beauty. And while the stone in your engagement ring or diamond necklace may be millions of years old, the odds are that it was recovered fairly recently from the depths of the earth in an African diamond mine. Since diamonds…

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