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Through the intensity of heat and the seasonal flash floods in the Outback of Australia, life is taken and reborn in magnificent ways. One stone that has the ability to capture the changing times of a seemingly helpless scenario in a breathtaking manner is the opal.   Housing the blues of sapphire, reds of ruby,…

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Woman Finds 3.69-Carat Diamond at State Park

Last time you went to a state park, what did you find? Maybe some sea glass or an interesting shell. Or maybe you just found a beautiful mountain view and some serenity. What you likely didn’t find is a giant diamond. Well, in Arkansas, that’s exactly what one woman recently discovered. Susie Clark and her…

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How Gold Buyers Date Antique Jewelry by Time Period

The most wonderful thing about vintage jewelry is not the timeless style and gorgeous design. When you look at those dazzling pieces of vintage gemstones and precious metals, you can imagine the changing world the piece has lived through. Each piece of antique jewelry has a past and a story all its own. Did that…

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