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In the grand scheme of things, the modern societal valuation of diamonds is a relatively recent phenomenon. Some scientists believe the human fascination with gold may have begun as far back as approximately 42,000 years ago, but we know for certain ancient Egyptians prized that precious metal as far back as 5,000 years ago. Although…

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Incredible Diamonds Just Found in Africa

Diamonds have long been the world’s most precious gemstones, admired universally for their strength and beauty. And while the stone in your engagement ring or diamond necklace may be millions of years old, the odds are that it was recovered fairly recently from the depths of the earth in an African diamond mine. Since diamonds…

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The Simple Trick to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring for Less

According to a recent study published in USA Today, weddings are on the uptick again after years of decline. Is 2013 or 2014 the year you’ll be hearing wedding bells? If you’re planning to get married, you’ve probably been thinking about diamond engagement rings. A beautiful diamond engagement ring can take your loved one’s breath…

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