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More than two and a half years ago archaeologists on a dig site in Okinawa, Japan unearthed ten pieces of metal. Believing them to be nothing more than round metal pieces belonging to armor, the items were labeled and stored as such amongst various other findings. When Toshio Tsukamoto, an archaeologist with experience at excavation…

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Ancient Roman Coin Hoard Discovered in a Primary School

Many centuries ago, a Roman citizen who was likely a farmer stashed nearly 300 coins for safekeeping. Experts theorize that the farmer placed the coins in a pot, and buried them deep in the earth to hide them from potential threats. But it appears that the farmer hid the coins a little too well, because…

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For Success in the New Year, Ring It in with Coins

The New Year is the time of year that many of us make resolutions to better ourselves. A lot of those resolutions have to do with money, mainly regarding how to get — and keep — more money. So perhaps it’s no surprise that cultures around the globe ring in the New Year with coins….

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