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More than two and a half years ago archaeologists on a dig site in Okinawa, Japan unearthed ten pieces of metal. Believing them to be nothing more than round metal pieces belonging to armor, the items were labeled and stored as such amongst various other findings. When Toshio Tsukamoto, an archaeologist with experience at excavation…

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Ancient Chinese Tomb Found Filled with Treasure

Over 2,000 years ago, a king named Liu Fei was buried. His body was laid to rest in what is now Jiangsu, China. Liu Fei’s burial was no standard affair. His family attempted to enhance Liu Fei’s quality of, well, afterlife by filling each of the mausoleum’s 11 chambers with his unimaginable wealth. Archeologists have…

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World’s Oldest Coin Is Shrouded in Mystery

One of the world’s oldest coins was recently sold in Germany. The price? Over $380,000. Issued between 600 and 625 B.C., this coin is unique because of the stamp of Phanes. The exact identity of Phanes remains unknown. And perhaps it’s the not knowing that makes this ancient coin so valuable. “I am the badge…

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