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The New Orleans Mint

This is the second article in a series on United States Mints. During the 1830s the U.S. was in the midst of a swift expansion. As explorers and settlers pushed further South and West, infrastructure was needed. Amongst the missing amenities in these new regions, was a facility to produce currency. Even though the Philadelphia…

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The First U.S. Mint

This is the first in a series of articles about the United States mints. It’s 1776 and the ink is still drying on the U.S. Constitution. One of our Founding Fathers’ first actions was to create a continental currency, thinking that it would ease trade and unify the emerging country. A dream team of Benjamin…

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Rare $10 Gold Eagle on Display at Bellevue Rare Coins

The year 1795 was a pivotal one in our nation’s history. Our forefathers were still establishing the government of the United States. George Washington submitted the Jay Treaty to the Senate; the 11th amendment to the Constitution was ratified; and it was also the first year the U.S. Mint struck gold coins. Owning any item…

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Extremely Rare Coins from a Long Forgotten U.S. Mint

Did you know there used to be a mint in Dahlonega, Georgia? Many people don’t. The short-lived mint only issued three types of gold coins, making them exceptionally rare. In fact, gold coins produced at Dahlonega are some of the most sought-after collectable coins in the U.S. Like many of the original U.S. mints, the…

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The New Reverse Proof Gold American Buffalo Is Setting Records

This year, coin collectors are celebrating the release of the American Buffalo one-ounce gold reverse proof coin. Struck in 99.99% fine, 24-karat gold at the United States Mint at West Point, this beautiful coin has a style all its own. Instead of the traditional proof style — with a shiny background and frosted buffalo and…

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