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How to Make $150,000 Selling Coins From Your Closet

About 40 years ago, a gentleman inherited a bunch of old coins. He stored them safe and sound in a closet. And there they stayed. That is, until he started thinking about buying some gold as an investment and took his coins to Bellevue Rare Coins to get a free evaluation. Both the gentleman and…

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How to Clean Coins to Make Them More Valuable

You’re digging through a giant jar of pennies you’ve ignored for years, hoping to find something special. That’s when it happens. You come across a rare Indian Head Cent from 1909, a coin that’s generally worth over $400. Pretty good for one cent! But wait — it’s very dirty and tarnished. What do you do?…

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The First U.S. Mint

This is the first in a series of articles about the United States mints. It’s 1776 and the ink is still drying on the U.S. Constitution. One of our Founding Fathers’ first actions was to create a continental currency, thinking that it would ease trade and unify the emerging country. A dream team of Benjamin…

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