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Even the most prolific coin collectors may only see hundreds of notable coins in their lifetime. Many collections are just a small selection of favorites. Some collectors, on the other hand, go above and beyond in their search for treasured tender. In this infographic, we will review some of the most Famous Coin Hoards Throughout…

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Unfortunately, not everything in life is perfect; the same is true for striking coins. Throughout history, there have been mishaps with the machinery, test runs that did not go anywhere near as planned and even intentional hiccups orchestrated by Mint employees. How and why have certain, imperfect pieces throughout history been deemed worthy of being…

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Back in June of 2015, Eric Schmitt and his family made an unthinkable discovery of over $1.5 million in coins and various artifacts later determined to be those of a sunken Spanish fleet. Heading to Spain from Havana, Cuba, the fleet compiled of 11 ships were caught and eventually succumbed to a hurricane. Each ship…

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ART NOUVEAU vs. ART DECO: A Dipping of the Toes for the Jewelry Novice

gold diamond ring

  Countless are the times that we go out seeking a new piece to add to our collection of jewelry. While some may be more than comfortable navigating their way through the process of searching for and purchasing that fabulous new item, others would say that “intimidating” is an understatement. In an effort to help…

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Thomas Jefferson’s Lasting Legacy in Coins and Currency

April 13th marks 272 years since the birth of Thomas Jefferson. Since then Jefferson has become an almost mythical figure. His contributions to U.S. history keep his memory alive today. Specifically, Jefferson lives on in the coins and currency that honor him. Here are three enduring pieces of U.S. currency honoring the third U.S. President….

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Little-Known Abraham Lincoln Currency

February 12th marks 206 years since Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. It’s hard to fathom how the world has changed since then. To this day, Lincoln remains the most popular president on currency, with both the Lincoln Cent and the $5 bill bearing his likeness. But aside from the Lincoln…

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The One Thing That Saved the San Francisco Mint

This is the third installment in our series about United States mints. In the mid-nineteenth century in San Francisco, one thing was on everybody’s mind: gold! But the nearest mint to the California Gold Rush was all the way in New Orleans. A mint was badly needed to turn the huge supplies of raw gold…

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South African Gold, Paul Kruger, and the Krugerrand

  Legends of gold in South Africa predate the country’s existence, and the ancient gold artifacts from the region have long proven them to be true. Early settlers to Africa were always eager to find this legendary gold, though few had any success. After a few minor gold discoveries, settlers in the 1800s began to…

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The New Orleans Mint

This is the second article in a series on United States Mints. During the 1830s the U.S. was in the midst of a swift expansion. As explorers and settlers pushed further South and West, infrastructure was needed. Amongst the missing amenities in these new regions, was a facility to produce currency. Even though the Philadelphia…

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Rare Silver Coin Found in Roll of Half Dollars

You never know what you’ll get when you sort a roll of coins. One lucky man in New Orleans got the find of a lifetime. He found a very special 1861-O Seated Liberty half-dollar hiding in a roll of Kennedy half-dollars. After undergoing knee surgery, this unnamed coin collector decided to sort through rolls of…

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