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With the prevalence of digital payment systems such as PayPal, bitcoin, and Android Pay and Apple Pay, it might seem as though paper currency’s days are numbered. While these electronic payment systems serve online shoppers well, paper currency still rules the physical world. It may surprise you to learn that the money we carry in…

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Thomas Jefferson’s Lasting Legacy in Coins and Currency

April 13th marks 272 years since the birth of Thomas Jefferson. Since then Jefferson has become an almost mythical figure. His contributions to U.S. history keep his memory alive today. Specifically, Jefferson lives on in the coins and currency that honor him. Here are three enduring pieces of U.S. currency honoring the third U.S. President….

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The First and Last Woman on the Dollar Bill

George Washington’s birthday is on Sunday, and, while most people recognize our first president on the dollar bill, many don’t know how the first U.S. dollar bill came to be. Before the note we know today, the bill went through many incarnations—two of which included the only portrait of a woman ever found on U.S….

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