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Estate sales can be tricky, and no matter how much research one has conducted on it, there may be red tape that can hinder your estate case should you try to take it on yourself. Estate sale professionals have the expertise and knowledge to work around roadblocks and hurdles in the estate sale process to…

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Why the 2014 Proof Sets Are Hot

Proof sets—in particular this one—are a must-have for any serious coin collector. Last month the US Mint released the official 2014 proof set. And despite the release of popular coins like the Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative and the Golden Eagle, it’s very likely that this year’s proof set will be 2014’s top-selling coin product….

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Top 10 Coin Stories of 2013

The most talked-about coin of 2013 isn’t made of metal, produced by a mint, or accepted in vending machines (yet). This year may be remembered as the year of the bitcoin. And while the bitcoin has captured headlines and imaginations worldwide, don’t count out the humble metal coin just yet—unless it’s the Canadian one-cent piece….

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