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Estate sales can be tricky, and no matter how much research one has conducted on it, there may be red tape that can hinder your estate case should you try to take it on yourself. Estate sale professionals have the expertise and knowledge to work around roadblocks and hurdles in the estate sale process to…

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The Top Questions Our Gold and Silver Buyers Are Asked

At Bellevue Rare Coins, we deal in rare coins and bullion, but we also buy gold, silver, jewelry and antiques. Every day, people come in with questions about how the process works and how to turn their valuables into cold, hard cash. We’ve put together a list of answers to some of the questions we’re…

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How To Get Your Gold Appraised For The Most Money

Gold is a hot topic these days. You’ve heard about it on the news. Or seen the men waving signs that say, “NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL YOUR GOLD!” Prices are near all-time highs — and that’s why it can be a great time to sell your gold. But first you have to figure…

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