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Bellevue Rare Coins, a family owned and operated business, has been serving the Greater Seattle community for over 30 years and is committed to continuing its mission of offering the best possible service for all your rare coin and currency, gold, silver, bullion, and jewelry needs.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are highly skilled and trained when it comes to a wide array of valuables. From antiques, estate jewelry, rare coins, gold, silver, to heirlooms and other such valuables, you will find an expert is readily available at any of our four locations.


Bellevue Rare Coins has had the privilege of serving the Greater Seattle Area since 1979. With four locations in Bellevue, Lynwood, West Seattle and Issaquah, we have assembled an exceptional team of numismatic and jewelry experts.

Collectively, we pride ourselves in providing extraordinarily honest, friendly service while engaging our customers with the respect and integrity they deserve. If you have an experience you would like to share with us, please send us your story as we love and appreciate all feedback!

Gary Crow

"Take my advice - before you go anywhere with your gold or silver - make sure you go see my friends at Bellevue Rare Coins for a free evaluation."

Gary Crow

Ron Upshaw

"The good, honest people at Bellevue Rare Coins want to make sure that YOU don't get ripped off."

Ron Upshaw
The Ron & Don Show - KIRO Radio

Marty Riemer

"They've been doing good, honest business here locally for over 30 years and they want to make sure that you get the most for your valuables."

Marty Riemer
The Marty Riemer Show

This place has been nothing but amazing!! Gives THE best prices and is always very friendly. I will be doing ALL my business here. Probably the only place around that just gives you a good price no haggling required.

Megan L.

I had to sell a diamond and they gave great value for it. It was 3 times higher than another place would give me. My mother in law also sold her silverware there and again gave a great price.

Andrew B.

It was my first time here today, and I would highly recommend them for selling gold and silver pieces too. They were very upfront about the transaction and honest. Next time I’ll look at their jewelry selection to purchase!

Vickie N.

We had a very positive experience selling estate jewelry at BRC. We were immediately acknowledged on entering and thanked for our patience after a very brief wait. The atmosphere felt welcoming, friendly and professional. Our service representative Christian guided us step-by-step through the process of his evaluation, repeatedly offering to answer any questions we might have. He consulted references and colleagues as he very thoughtfully surveyed the jewelry. He seemed very knowledgeable and we felt comfortable that we had made he right decision in coming to BRC. We highly recommend visiting BRC when considering selling your precious items.

Asha N.

Just like it says in their website: they have the best price. I sold a gold chain for $62 after went to two other places where they offered me $61 int he first one and $50 in the second one. The employees are really nice and they make you feel comfortable.

Denise H.

I think I need to go buy a lotto ticket. I stopped into Bellevue Rare Coins today as I was near Bellevue Sq. Mall and found a number of items I’d love to own. Now I just need the money! ?

This is a great place to browse for anything from rare coins and paper money to antiques, estate sale items and fine jewelry. I found myself eyeing a lot of pretty gemstone rings and necklaces and noticed that the prices were much more reasonable than I would have anticipated.

Offered help as I looked, I never felt out of place or spied on. As fancy as this store is, the employees are super respectable and helpful without either being too pushy or too suspicious of anyone who’s stopping by. This allowed me to look at things (through the glass, of course) that I wouldn’t ever afford! But hey, I’m a girl… It’s fun to look at stuff like that! I have a few coin collections and some silver items that I might want to take in to get {evaluated}. For the right price I might actually sell some stuff, we’ll see. But yes – definitely a nice place to shop if you’re in the market for a gift for someone. Especially near Valentines Day!

Katy H.

I love this place. So professional. They weigh everything in front of you and explain things as they go. Very fair.

Coby E.

My friend and I went in today to have a bracelet and some coins {evaluated}. Justin the team member was very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. Although, my coins were not worth much, I felt treated with respect.

Manuel Y.

I heard about Bellevue Rare Coins on a local news radio station, and I decided to bring my old, broken, or just unused gold jewelry there to see what I could get for it. This shop offers 80% of whatever the current gold rate is, and I got a nice little return on things that were just sitting in my jewelry box. The staff is super friendly!

All around a great experience!

Jill S.

Just got back from here. Was so impressed. When I got there…I had about 10 people a head of me. They were busy. They got to me with in a half an hour. The wait is nice, they have snack and drinks set out for you. Was shocked when they said I could get a certain amount for one chain. I was so excited, then when he weighed it was triple what he orginally had told me. I would have been happy with the first offer, and he knew it. Very honest.

I will never go anywhere else. It is a great place. Could not be more impressed.

Jennifer J.

I had 2 pieces of jewelry that I was ready to pass on. I met with Christian. He was friendly, knowledgeable & provided me a reasonable offer. There was no pressure. He also provided me another option to consider beside just hawking my ring as I could potentially get more online based off the additional online research that he did. He welcomed me to come back if I would like to hawk it. the place was clean and the staff very approachable. this isn’t your sketchy cousin’s pawn shop!

Juju J.

I went here twice and got great service each time. Had to wait a little while because they were slightly busy but I didn’t mind because there was so much cool stuff to look at and they have snacks and coffee as well. When our number was called, the man who {evaluated} our jewelry was very personable and answered all our questions. I felt I got a very fair price on what I sold here rather than going to those stupid cash for gold places.

Amber H.

Coins and precious metals buying is a trust business. Ryan and the gang @ Bellevue Rare Coins are definitely best in the Northwest. They always greet with a smile, even on crappy rainy days. They have coffee & water and a nice set of chairs to relax in while you wait for them to figure out what your coins and other stuff might be worth.

I always leave there feeling good about the transaction.

Todd R.
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