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Our Story

The inception of passion more often than not sparks from fond childhood memories; the same rings considerably true for Eric Hoolahan and his siblings as they trace their love for all things coin, jewelry, precious stones, and antiques related back to their father, Patrick “Pat” Hoolahan.


Pat Hoolahan had an overwhelming magnetism towards numismatics starting at a young age. This desire to know more and entrepreneurial spirit is what drove him to open West Seattle Coins in 1979. A business venture that would prove to stand the test of time and allow his children to follow in his footsteps.


With his mother and aunt running West Seattle Coins, a young Eric Hoolahan sat alongside his father during plane rides and road trips as they traveled cross-country, learning everything there is to know about rare coins, gold, other precious metals, and his real passion- jewelry.


As the years progressed, a young adult Eric decided to try his luck in real estate. A business venture he admits to failing at miserably before his father took it upon himself to coax Eric and younger brother Ryan back into the family business.  With nothing left to lose, the three men found themselves on the road together once again, traveling non-stop for two years. It was during this time that Pat instilled the fundamentals of business in Eric and Ryan; giving them a lifetime of experience, an irreplaceable network, and reigniting their desire to succeed.


After endless nights on the road, sorting through bags of pennies in search of rare mints, and learning there was more value to those chipped diamonds than meets the eye, Eric decided it was time to go out on his own. Staying behind in Florida, Eric apprenticed under a trusted business associate of Pat’s before quickly becoming one of the most successful associates the store had seen in years. With Ryan back in Seattle overseeing the family business, the two brothers worked together from across the country to build an indestructible partnership. Ten years later, Ryan successfully convinced his older brother to return home, helping to expand West Seattle Coins to Bellevue Rare Coins. As the expansion took place, so did inventory, as the decision was made to include jewelry.


With four locations and a new jewelry venture, the brothers knew it was time to bring their younger siblings, Daniel, and Angela, onboard. Possessing just as much tenacity and eagerness for coins, precious metals, and jewelry as their older brothers, the two quickly caught on to the family business and have become leaders in the company as well. Daniel has become the company’s COO while Angela nurtured her jewelry passion and is now the Lead Jewelry Specialist and Bullion Manager.


Hoolahan family



Though each sibling has their distinct passion, the four collectively are working towards a common goal. When asked what their hopes and aspirations are for the future of Bellevue Rare Coins are, they all have roughly the same answer.


“My hopes and aspirations for the company is to continue to grow and make something great, greater! Continue to nurture this precious gem of ours and continue to build our BRC family. Become a very well known jewelry store and continue to put family and trust as our focus.”

–Angela Hoolahan


“I would like to see BRC be the number one place in the Northwest for appraisals and evaluations of people’s fine jewelry and coin collections. If someone is unsure of the value of an item, I want them to know that there is a place for them to go and not have to stand in line at an antiques road show or go to a pawn shop.”

–Daniel Hoolahan


The team, which the siblings have assembled throughout the years, has been cited by each one of them as a contributor for their drive. Working alongside their Bellevue Rare Coins family helps remind Eric, Ryan, Daniel, and Angela why they love the industry so much. They also note that their “close-knit” team contributes to fuel their creativity, evoking passion for exceeding and expanding.


The ability to achieve success in less than favorable times while becoming strong pillars of the community, has left the Hoolahan clan with not only the ability to give back but to also do so with love. As they aspire to impact 100 charities each year, primarily to benefit children, it seems no cause is too great nor too little.


These days Eric, Ryan, Daniel, and Angela look forward to the growth and impact of not only Bellevue Rare Coins but also Angel Designs within the community. The new fine jewelry line, which was born out of the desire to contribute to fundraising for Seattle Children’s Hospital, just one of the important causes close to the siblings hearts.


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