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Throughout the course of history, both men and women have used jewelry to compliment and complete outfits, as well as accentuate or draw attention to particular areas of the body. Most are conventional, such as buying the classic diamond studs or pearl necklace along with the ruby or sapphire pendant set in gold or silver dangling from the traditional link chain. Then there are the conversation starters, or as this list and its title suggests, the strange and outrageous works of art that few and far between may choose as an addition to their collection…



  1. Jennifer Crupi- In 2013, American designer, Jennifer Crupi, created a line of jewelry with the intent to manipulate hand gestures, body movements and posture. While the items in the collection look like replicas of future torture instruments, they are far from being such. Declaring herself as “very self-conscious”, Cupri created the series of body art, “Ornamental Hands” to indulge in her interest in body language. While the “hands” are not for everyone, they are a very interesting bunch that will without a doubt get everyone in the room talking.img_484ca3ad7bd8a20
  2. Burcu Büyükünal- Facial distortion was introduced back in 2010 but did not seem to become as mainstream as hoped. Designer, Büyükünal, created a small line of gold headgear to add asymmetrical emphasis on certain areas of the face, primarily the cheeks and lips. The trend fell quite quickly to the dismay of its followers.   images-4
  3. OdditiesStore- After children lose their teeth, some parents hold onto said item for keepsakes. Some have even chosen to take it one step further by turning those baby teeth into earrings, rings and bracelets. Adorning oneself in their baby loves’ “toofs” is by far a new and peculiar way to show parental devotion.   alg-hair-jewelry-jpg
  4. Anna Schwamborn- Repurposing has become the way of the world in an age where many resources are running thin. Anna Schwamborn took her “repurposing” to great lengths when she chose to use human hair to create a new form of modern jewelry. The line includes strands of hair pendants to twisted bracelets with gold clasps.
  5. Margaux Lange- Little girls grow up playing with Barbie, Ken and their many friends. Lange’s line of Barbie appendages, derrieres and faces takes these childhood memories into adulthood in a rather startling way. By working the dolls’ anatomy into necklaces, charm bracelets and earrings, Lange has memorialized this favorite in a very unique way.
  6. OdditiesStore- Making its second appearance on the list (of many more to come), the OdditiesStore would not be complete without offering a bat skeleton choker. The gothic style choker can be customized to a particular length upon request.Crazy-metal-jewelry-Rebekah-frank
  7. Rebekah Frank- By far an incredibly puzzling piece of art is the armlet (?), which may or may not be an interpretive design of those friendly arachnids society holds so dearly.Crazy-jewelry-by-Ines-Schwotzer
  8. Ines Schwotzer- Weaving and braiding techniques were used to create the wired necklace featured in the picture above by this German designer. Schwotzer has made a name for herself in the jewelry world with her elaborate metal works. Crazy-jewelry-recycled-floppy-disk-bracelets
  9. Oxx-An Alleweireldt- Another recyclable wearable, Alleweireldt found a creative purpose for the now obsolete floppy disc by turning the once widely used item into a bracelet.                                                                     Crazy-jewelry
  10. Alexandra Chaney- While still a student in 2009, Chaney set out to develop a line of jewelry focused on phobias and fears. Her job was accomplished when she brought to life the necklaces constructed of syringes and razor blades.
  11. Unknown- This item is not so much about the jewelry but rather where the wearer is choosing to showcase their work of art… Having a small hole drilled into their tooth, this small metal ring hangs from a lateral incisor.
  12. OdditiesStore- We see OS once again on this list because they have done a great job of exceeding expectations when it comes to the strange. This time they have a readily available articulate rat paw pendant set in a Victorian design.
  13. Grouse Paw Brooch- Distributed by various dealers, grouse paws were once used on a large scale during the Victorian era in Scottish men would pin the paw brooches on their kilts for good luck during hunting trips. The men would also give one to their lovers as a token of love and remembrance during long separations.
  14. Elven Jewelry- For those wanting to take their love for Lord of the Rings to the next level, there are a wide variety of jewelers still producing ear cuffs to mimic Galadriel and Legolas.                                                                        57fdf0bf8e991572c08f019980554726
  15. Rebekah Frank- This designer makes the list again with a waist belt that was not designed for the faint of heart. This leather and metal accessory is an intricate metal work made to look like birds of prey floating around the wearer’s waist.
  16. ZipTie- While the manufacturer never intended for their money-making confiners to be anything but, some consumers have taken to turning the ridged plastics into earrings. They are looped through metal hoops and often use at least two different colors, resulting in tweens, teens and twenty-something’s drawing attention to their ears in a way unimagined.
  17. OdditiesStore- Octopi enthusiasts, get excited! OS has an octopus tentacle preserved and ready for wear. Preserved in formaldehyde and placed into a .45 caliber bullet, the item also comes with a 24” chain to display to the masses.
  18. Zombie Ears- It goes to show that there really is something for everyone. In this instance, it is for lovers of The Walking Dead. What better way to celebrate a new season or attend a finale party than with a zombie ear necklace? 2da743794c5f9d159ce1fbef681bf7d3
  19. Miyu Decay- For anyone with an extra $9000 sitting around, this bat skeleton was made just for you! An actual skeleton is attached to sterling silver chains with the intent to be displayed as a necklace.
  20. Little Lucia- Everyone loves babies and Little Lucia took note when this toy baby necklace was created. Without a doubt, this will draw attention and spark conversation
  21. Peppard- Road kill is not meant just for the table nor the household décor thanks to Peppard and their line of the aforementioned fashion. The line features a rat coin purse and squirrel tail bracelet.
  22. OdditiesStore- Their final appearance on this list, OS caters to the cat lover. Fastened on a 24” chain made of the metal of your choice is a rearticulated cat paw (claw retracted, of course).
  23. Talons- Catwoman made them famous. Lady Gaga brought them back while portraying the Countess in American Horror Story “Hotel”. Talons, or claws, are worn on the fingertips and can be customized to fit any person’s desire.   cecilia-valentine-fur-is-alive-1-537x402
  24. Cecilia Valentine- Valentine created a new version of live art when she placed a small rodent into a cage-inspired necklace.                 gothic-zipper-jewelry
  25. ZIPPERJewelry- Available only online, ZIPPERJewelry is comprised of just that, zippers. The line is complete with necklaces, cuffs and bracelets woven together with a gothic mindset.


It’s amazing what some artists are capable of when given a few unconventional materials and a brilliant mind.


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