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Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 was quite an extravaganza. Super Bowl City in San Francisco was more than a gracious host for the week leading up to the NFL’s season finale. Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49’ers, south of the city in Santa Clara, was afforded beautiful weather over the weekend, attributing to the perfect setting for the big hurrah.


As the winners of the Super Bowl L, the NFL gifted Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos, like the many before them, an exceptional ring in remembrance of their journey through the 2015 season. Every year, a new design is revealed for the coveted item, complete with a “decent” amount of diamonds and a precious metal setting. The winners of Super Bowl 49 in 2015 rings are said to have been worth an approximate $36,500 at the time they were awarded. Though, as with any piece of memorabilia, they have and will continue to increase in worth as the years go on and the demand for said item inflates. With that being said, here are the top ten most expensive Super Bowl rings…


  1. Super Bowl XXII: Valued at $40,000 when the 1987 Washington Redskins defeated the Denver Broncos in San Diego, CA at the formerly known Jack Murphy Stadium.


  1. Super Bowl XXX: Tied with #10 for a $40,000 value, the 1995 Dallas Cowboys took on the Pittsburgh Steelers at Devil Stadium and came out on top with a 27-17 final score. 46192881-superbowl-rings-1995-dallas-cowboys


  1. Super Bowl VII: The 1972 Miami Dolphins had a victorious win over the Washington Redskins when they played at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Their respective rings are now worth an estimated $45,000.


  1. Super Bowl XX: In 1985, the Chicago Bears met the New England Patriots and saw a 46-10 win. The ring from their success is now worth $45,000 as well. DC0111SB-20


  1. Super Bowl XLII: Back in 2007, the New York Giants put an end to the New England Patriots’ perfect season when they beat them in a 17-14 game. Their subsequent victory now puts their ring at an estimated $50,000.


  1. Super Bowl XXXVIII: In 2003, the New England Patriots came face to face with the Carolina Panthers and for the second time and walked away with a ring that is now valued at $58,000.


  1. Super Bowl XLI: The first Super Bowl win for Peyton Manning was in 2006 when he led the Colts to water and they drank in a win against the Chicago Bears, defeating them 29-17. Estimated ring value: $60,000. Superbowl-XLI-Ring


  1. Super Bowl XXXIX: The Patriots have definitely had their fare share of Super Bowl experiences but, notably, in 2004 they beat the Philly Eagles in Jacksonville, FL with a three-point lead, 24-21. The rings are now valued at $65,000.


  1. Super Bowl I: The granddaddy of them all and the one we have all been waiting for is Super Bowl I. The first Super Bowl was an intense game played between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1966 in a rear-kicking, undisputed 35-10 final. The rings have been appraised at $100,000 and yet, they are not the most valuable…


  1. Super Bowl XXV: Now for the topper. As with most sports memorabilia and items from history, it’s not always how old the piece is, but who once or currently owns it. In this case, it comes down to the Super Bowl XXV ring from 1991 when the Buffalo Bills walked away a bit sore after the New York Giants took the glory by one point in a 20-19 win. Lawrence Taylors’ ring is worth $230,000.11034656-large


A big congratulations to the winners and their counterparts throughout the years for making it as far as they have in their sport along with a big thank you for the entertainment provided to their millions of fans.


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