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Coin collecting is a cherished hobby amongst collectors and often sparks many fond memories. Endless nights searching through sacks of coins and coin rolls in hopes of coming across a Wheat Penny, a Buffalo Nickel, or a Seated Liberty come to mind for some. Overall, it’s the hard work and the fulfillment of the chase once you are able to add a coin of significance to your collection.


But as an outsider looking in, many question why coin collecting is highly favored amongst numismatists and collectors. Beyond the obvious of return on the investment, the answers are endless. While the list can go on and on, below is a short list of reasons why one would want to invest time and money into coin collecting.


History- Collecting coins is owning a piece of history and not only does one get to become more familiar with events from their own country surrounding the era of which their coin is from, should they choose to expand to world coins, but they also become knowledgeable about the world. This knowledge can lead to becoming more informed about differing societies, cultures, and politics that may have otherwise never presented itself to the collector.


Heirlooms- Rare coins are investment items and when cared for and stored properly, can only increase in value, making them excellent items to pass down to the future generations. With today’s technology ever leaning towards credit cards and bitcoins, coins and paper currency may not exist 100 years from now, which will only increase the value for what will sure to become historical items.


The Thrill- As the saying goes, “all good things come to those who wait,” and coin collecting is no exception. Talk to a collector, expert or novice, and each one will have a charming story to tell about a specific coin, or two. It’s much like going on a treasure hunt, and the adventure one is taken on to get to the treasure chest.


Calming- As we get older, people tend to appreciate their “me” time more and more. Some take up a hobby in stamp collecting or knitting. Coin collectors find the same peace and retreat from everyday life when surrounded by their coins.


Coin collecting has been an important hobby for generations and is an important trait for those interested to partake. Whatever your reason for joining the world of coin collecting, it is yours and yours alone to be celebrated!


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