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Top Ten Terrific Bullion Coins of 2014

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The year is coming to a close, and 2015 is right around the corner. Everybody in the coin world is already talking about next year’s hot releases. But before we move on, let’s reminisce about some of the best coins from this past year. Whether you love sports, superheroes, or animals, there’s something for everyone on this year’s list of the top ten coins.

10. $20 1oz Silver Lake Michigan Coin (Canada)
Now this coin may not have made everyone’s radar, but it’s incredibly cool. Not only is it colored using an elaborate enameling process, but its colors give an accurate depiction of the lake’s depth. This is the fourth coin in the Canadian Great Lakes series, which will feature each of the great lakes.

9. $10 ½oz Gold Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Coin (U.S.)
Another release from this summer was the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse coin, which features a stunningly realistic portrait of the first lady. Coy smile and all. This release was easily the most popular of the first spouse series.

8. $50 15.87g Silver Snowy Owl Coin (Canada)
This coin’s design features the snowy owl’s haunting yellow eyes peering out from its face on the reverse. On the obverse, the gorgeous bird can be seen in flight above a snowy landscape. Aside from the design, the silver coin has another thing going for it. The $50 coin costs only $50. So its cost is actually equal to its value in currency, which is rare for a bullion coin.

7. $1 1oz Silver Year of the Horse Coin (Australia)
The Australian Lunar series has proved to be a popular bullion coin series thus far. The second in the series, the “Year of the Horse” coin features a beautiful rendering of a horse drinking from a tree-lined stream. The image has an Asian influence, likely in honor of the origins of the Lunar Series itself, which is based on the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese symbol for “year of the horse,” along with the phrase in English can also be seen on the obverse of the coin.

6. €200 1oz Gold FIFA World Cup Commemorative Coin (France)
Many coins were minted in honor of of the biggest sporting event of this summer: the World Cup. France’s coin was the only one that had the fetching curved shape, and such a gorgeous soccer-inspired design. Both the silver and gold coins featured a goal being scored in a net on the concave reverse side with a soccer stadium seen below. The obverse features an artistic rendering of a globe, with a World Cup Trophy prominently in the front. The 1oz gold version of the coin was the crowd favorite.

5. £5 1oz Silver The First Birthday of Prince George Coin (United Kingdom)
A royal birthday is always cause for celebration, particularly when it’s a first! As such, it’s only appropriate the queen should christen the prince’s first birthday with a coin from the Royal Mint! The £5 silver coin features a handsome design of the traditional Royal Arms.

4. $5 8.359g Gold National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin (U.S.)
The National Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coin was a hugely popular release this year for a number of reasons. It’s the first-ever convex coin released by the U.S. Another reason for the coin’s popularity is the story behind it. A contest was held to pick the design of the coin, and a young woman named Cassie McFarland won. Her design featured the inside of a well-used, classic baseball glove on the obverse, and a standard MLB ball on the reverse. This design lent itself perfectly to the coin’s curvature, making it all the more wonderful.

3. $100 12g Gold Comic Book Covers: The Adventures of Superman #596 Coin (Canada)
Comics and coins are a relatively new combo. But by the success of the Canadian Superman coins released this year, it’s a combo that’s here to stay. Four new Superman coins were released this year: three different silver coins, and one gold. The 14-karat gold coin was easily the most popular, selling out soon after minting. The gold coin featured the iconic red Superman S on the obverse, taken from the costume seen on the cover of The Adventures of Superman comic #596.

2. 10 Yuan 1oz Silver Chinese Panda Coin (China)
Every year, a new Chinese Panda coin is released, and each year it’s one of the world’s most beloved coins. This year was no different. The panda featured on this year’s coin appeared to be a juvenile panda, which is unique. Most often the pandas featured are adults or panda cubs. The cute adolescent panda is seen holding some bamboo, and looking into the eyes of the coin holder adorably. No surprise here that the Chinese Panda Coin is the second best coin of 2014. Probably due to silver’s low price this year, the Silver Pandas were hot sellers.

1. 50¢ ¾oz Gold 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Coin (U.S.)
If you’re interested in coin collecting, there’s no way you missed the release of the 50th Anniversary JFK half-dollar. The coin was released to excessive fanfare. There were mobs! There were sell-outs! There were halts in sales! Recently it was revealed that mintage of the coins would stop at 75,000 units. As of the end of November, 67,640 units had been sold. So expect these coveted coins to sell out any day. Though silver versions were released, the gold Kennedy was by far the most popular. Without a doubt, this coin was the most spectacular release of 2014.

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