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The Top 10 Hottest Spring Jewelry Trends

Check out this vintage-inspired, American Indian statement necklace from Bellevue Rare Coins!

Check out this vintage, American Indian statement necklace from Bellevue Rare Coins!

Rejoice! Spring is officially here. With the warmer weather and longer days comes another exciting springtime ritual, spring fashion! And we have a list of the hottest jewelry trends you need to know to look your absolute best. From yellow gold to Native American–inspired designs, heirloom jewelry is all the rage this year, and you can see plenty of it at Bellevue Rare Coins. We spotted these Top 10 jewelry trends that will keep you fashion-forward this spring.

10. Collar Necklaces

Like Cleopatra before us, ladies this spring are enjoying the very vintage style of collar necklaces. Big, bold, and ready to make a statement, collar necklaces are the perfect antique piece to complete your look this spring. Whether it’s simple yellow gold, or adorned with beads and jewels, a collar necklace might be just what you need to usher in the spring in style.

9. Brooches

They say fashion is cyclical, and with the resurgence of vintage jewelry, especially brooches, it’s hard to deny! You might know that brooches used to be a very popular accessory. But right now, your grandma’s crystal, flower brooch is the “must-have” addition to your cute spring sundress.

8. Pearls

As Audrey Hepburn always knew, pearls are a classy, timeless jewelry choice. That said, just like any other accessory, their popularity comes and goes. This spring, the catwalk saw an abundance of long, layered pearl necklaces. Something about pearls’ classic, iridescent charm will always be alluring to any fashion-minded woman.

7. Retro Watches

Some people may have thought the age of watches was coming to an end now that everyone has cell phones. But the timeless class they offer as an accessory will never be out of style. This season, the watches on the catwalk featured mid-century, retro stylings. Thick leather watchbands, with simple geometric watch faces, dominated the designs. Watches added a touch of business to the otherwise whimsical looks found this spring.

A silver, turquoise, and crystal emblazoned brooch from Bellevue Rare Coins .

A silver, turquoise, and crystal emblazoned brooch from Bellevue Rare Coins .

6. Crystals

Any 80s or 90s girl who played dress-up with her grandma’s jewelry box knows the allure of extravagant crystal jewelry. Swarovski crystal jewelry is having a huge resurgence, and the results are glamorous. Whether in the form of collar necklaces, brooches, or floral designs, antique-style crystal jewelry is a stylish accessory choice this spring.

5. Royal-Themed

One thing anyone who watched spring fashion week 2014 may have noticed was that there was an abundance of tiaras on this year’s catwalk. Not just tiaras, though—lots of royalty-inspired jewelry continues to grace the pages of fashion magazines. Egyptian-style necklaces, and wrist cuffs, rings with elaborately large gemstones, and of course the aforementioned tiaras, are aplenty in high-fashion catwalks and columns. Unfortunately, most of us can’t get away with wearing tiaras in our everyday life. What you can get away with is finding a few pieces of royal-themed, antique jewelry that make you feel like a queen.

4. Indigenous Inspired

One of the more noticeable 2014 jewelry trends is indigenous-inspired jewelry. Small-scale Etsy crafters all the way up to high-fashion darlings like Velizance are being inspired by indigenous cultures from all over the world. Both simple tribal pieces and elaborately beaded Native American–style jewelry, have been spotted on fashionistas internationally. Fringe in general is huge this season, and jewelry has fallen suit! A throwback to the 90s, 60s, and even art-deco styles, indigenous-inspired designs are a huge staple of the Spring 2014 season.

Large, yellow gold, eagle bracelet.

Large, yellow gold, eagle bracelet.

3. Large Yellow Gold

One trend you’ll notice on any runway this spring is huge, yellow gold jewelry. Minimalist styles are out, and large, loud pieces are all the rage this season. Large yellow gold wrist cuffs, stacked bracelets, big earrings, and gold collar and rope-style necklaces are all very popular this season. Post-modern designs make these larger-than-life yellow gold jewelry pieces stand out on their wearers. Not only will wearing these pieces make you look stylish, but they’re a great investment as well!

2. Floral

Nothing says spring like flowers! Not just any floral jewelry, however. Like most of the jewelry trends found this spring, the floral jewelry that is the most in style right now is big and colorful. Flowers, beads, and crystals are recurring themes in jewelry this spring.

1. Insects and Reptiles

Perhaps in keeping with the indigenous-inspired theme, animal styles are prevalent in jewelry this spring fashion season. Cicada pendants and snake necklaces make up some of the creepy animals featured in these designs. Adorning yourself with precious metals and jewels in the shapes of animals seems to be the thing to do for fashion-forward jewelry wearers this spring.

Some of these designs are downright elegant, despite the odd inspiration. If you’re still looking for a few key pieces of jewelry to fill out your spring wardrobe, BellevueRare Coins will be able to show you some amazing options. And not only will you be getting a great price, but you’ll know that you’re dealing GIA-accredited jewelers.

Bellevue Rare Coins specializes in gold buying and dealing in rare coins. We are a family-owned business located in Bellevue and Lynnwood. We also buy and sell silver, diamonds,currency, and jewelry. Visit us first for a free evaluation.

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