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Le Tour de France, the cycling world’s equivalent to the World’s Series, Stanley Cup, and World Cup. Like the previously mentioned major sporting events, the race has a declared winner of various jersey colors who then become the recipients of the most coveted trophies known to bicycle enthusiasts and professionals. While the Tour de France trophy is similar to that of the U.S. Open trophy, in that it does not have an official name nor nickname, the Tour de France trophy bears almost no similarity to any other trophy.

The hand-blown crystal glass trophies are constructed each year in the Czech Republic by the glass workshop, Lasvit. Commissioned by ŠKODA, a major partner with Tour de France, Lasvit has successfully demonstrated their ability to present beautifully hand-crafted glass trophies to the winners for the last seven years.


Weighing in at a solid 8.8lbs and measuring 23.6” tall, this symbol of distinction in the sports world is not an easy trophy to obtain. The 2017 Tour de France participants began their journey on July 1st in Düsseldorf, Germany and three weeks later after making their way through various French terrains, a champion is declared in City of Love, Paris. This year, a total of 198 riders, broken up into 22 teams, set out on the first day of July in hopes to win one of the greatest trophies their sport offers, while engaging in an experience of a lifetime. Luckily, after all the tremendous effort, the winner does become the sole recipient of the trophy, allowing for a lifetime of personal display, while backups are made in the off chance that the original gets damaged.


Over the last six years, the shape of the trophy has remained the same while the engravings have changed either slightly or significantly from year to year. In 2017, the designers from ŠKODA and Lasvit brilliantly collaborated to come up with a relatively clean engravings design, representative of that of tire marks, which run horizontally up the svelte silhouette.


Though no exact dollar amount can be declared for the value of the trophy itself, winners immediately experience an increase in pay from their sponsors, along with a total payout of roughly 3,916,651.88 USD. Not too shabby for one lucky winner!


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