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Considered to be one of the world’s most expensive metals, rhodium is rarer than gold and silver combined. Discovered after being isolated from platinum, rhodium was found to be a glittering, crisp reflective metal, silvery-white in color, which is also resistant to corrosion. These metal characteristics make rhodium the perfect metal for jewelry and investment portfolio diversification.


Rhodium is one of the worlds most precious metals and was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, the same scientist who discovered palladium. After successfully isolating the two metals from one another, Hyde Wollaston found rhodium to be highly reflective, almost mirror-like, hard, corrosion resistant. Additionally, the metal has a higher melting point than that of platinum and other precious metals in the platinum family.


Because this metal is found only in small amounts within platinum or nickel, the ability to mine rhodium is quite difficult. The world’s largest producing mine is located in South Africa where, annually, they produce 20 tons of rhodium or 80% of the world’s annual supply. This small amount, by comparative standards, is what sets the average value of rhodium at six times more than that of gold. The higher value and lower global supply make coins made of or containing rhodium far more valuable than other coins. Which to be exact? Well, keep reading to find out!


2016 5oz Silver UNESCO

Though this coin only contains a trace amount of black rhodium, the introductory price on is listed at $429.99. 





2014-2017 Cooks Islands Predator-Prey Collection


This 4-coin set features a yin and yang design featuring a predator matching up with its prey. The symbolism of balance depicted in the stunning design is plated in black rhodium. Starting price: $429.99


2017 5oz Silver UNESCO


With only a trace amount of rhodium featuring the words “Republique Française,” we are confident that this already gorgeous coin valuable benefited from the precious metals presence. Introductory price: $389.99


2017 Cook Islands 3-Coin Silver Desert Heat Scarab Set


Though only one coin in this triad has the honor of housing rhodium, the Desert Heat Scarab Selection coin set is priced exceptionally well. The Red Dawn coin boasts a single black rhodium scarab on the reverse which is shown holding up the red sun portrayed by a single red SWAROVSKI crystal. Valued at $359.99


Rhodium is an allusive precious metal with a long history in jewelry, bullion, and coin making amongst other uses. For more information, visit one of our Greater Seattle Area locations and as to speak with a coin or jewelry expert!


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