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investing in physical precious metals


For years, precious metals have been prized items to hold in an investor’s portfolio. With the vast array of uses for gold, silver and platinum it is no wonder that these hot commodities have withstood the test of time. Though market value may fluctuate, it is never for too long that precious metals value, especially gold, will only increase with time.

If you are new to investing in gold, silver, and platinum or are looking for a quick reminder after years of experience, here are a few reasons to invest in precious metals.


Systemic Financial Concerns

This most recently occurred with Zimbabwe and the fall of their currency values. Hyperinflation cause instability within their banking and international affairs, making all tender worth next to nothing across the globe. Only those who had invested in gold or other precious metals had a means to overcome the economic devastation in a timely manner.



Like-minded to systemic concerns, inflation causes doubt that not only becomes reflected in the value of currency but also property value, a government issued bonds, and equity. When items of equity fall significantly low, a previous investment in gold, silver, or platinum creates quite a bit of financial security especially if the current market value is on the rise.



Political upheaval and wartime have a significant contribution towards the instability of an economy and its perceived monetary value. During times such as these, gold hoarding typically reaches a country’s all-time high, as it is easier to buy the provisions needed for shelter, food and safe passage into less hostile surroundings with precious metals.

Whether you want to make a lifelong investment in bullion, stocks, or certificates, buying gold, silver, or platinum comes highly recommended by many seasoned investors.


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