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Five Reasons to Give Antique Jewelry

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The holidays are upon us, and everybody’s in the giving spirit. No matter who that special someone is in your life, they probably love jewelry. But picking out just the right piece can be challenging. You want the jewelry to be beautiful and unique, and of course you want the best price. One way to get exquisite jewelry at an exceptional price is to buy antique jewelry. Here are five reasons it’s the perfect gift.

1. It’s Fashionable
This winter, the jewelry being worn on the runway and on the streets brings to mind another era. Large floral pieces in the Art Nouveau style are hot, and the more modernist retro looks—like large chunky yellow-gold cuff bracelets and statement necklaces—are also in. You can go funky and flashy with Art Deco styles, or classic and sweet with Victorian. No matter what your loved one’s personal style is, there’s an era of jewelry to match.

2. It’s Unique
Anyone can walk into a huge chain jewelry store and pick out some nice diamond earrings. But where’s the excitement in that? Searching for the perfect piece of antique jewelry is half the fun. The other half is knowing that few others will have anything quite like it. Why buy new, mass-produced jewelry everyone else will already have, when you can buy rare, antique jewelry?

3. It’s Environmentally Friendly
Like everything else in life, jewelry production takes resources. It requires a huge amount of energy and water to extract precious metals and gems. So new jewelry, though beautiful, is often not very environmentally friendly to produce. Antique jewelry gives you the opportunity to buy something beautiful made years ago—and reduce your gift’s impact on the environment while you’re at it.

4. It’s Ethical
In addition to environmental resources, precious metal and gem mining requires human resources. And some mines haven’t always treated their workers well. While ethically mined jewelry is available, it will cost you more. Since antique jewelry was produced so long ago, you aren’t contributing to the ongoing mining process. Instead of supporting new mining, all your money goes to help small local businesses.

5. It Costs Less
The final reason antique jewelry makes a great gift is perhaps the most compelling. Your money simply goes further when you opt for antique jewelry. So not only are you keeping up with the latest trends, getting a unique, environmentally friendly and ethical piece of jewelry, but you’re also getting it for less.

So if you’re thinking of buying a loved one jewelry over the holidays, consider a piece from the past. You’ll make your special someone very happy, at a great price, and do so with a clear conscience. What’s not to love about antique jewelry?

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