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$1,000 Face 90% US Silver Dimes

$1,000 Face 90% US Silver Dimes$18422.99

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$1,000 Face 90% US Silver Dimes Collection

Dive deep into the illustrious lineage of American coinage with Bellevue Rare Coins' comprehensive collection of $1,000 Face value in 90% silver US dimes.

Distinguished Dime duo:
Within this expansive set, you'll encounter:

The Mercury Dime (often referred to as Winged Liberty), capturing the essence of freedom and the spirit of the nation.
The Roosevelt Dime, commemorating the legacy and leadership of the 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Investment Woven with Legacy:
Crafted with 90% silver, these dimes stand as more than mere currency of yesteryears. They epitomize a fusion of historic narrative and tangible investment. Their marked place in the U.S. coinage legacy makes them both a reflection of times gone by and a substantial asset for astute investors.

Collector's Cache:
Each dime in this assemblage tells its unique tale of America's dynamic past. Their distinct imprints, combined with their eminent position in U.S. numismatic chronicles, crown them as must-haves for every coin enthusiast.

Embark on an expedition of history, artisanship, and shrewd investment with our $1,000 Face 90% US Silver Dimes. They represent more than coins; they're epochs etched in silver, beckoning their next curator.

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