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How to Sell Stamps in Seattle

Sell stamps in Seattle

Stamp collecting is an enjoyable hobby, but sometimes, it’s time to move on. Perhaps you no longer actively collect, or maybe you inherited a collection from a loved one. What should you do with your stamps?

If you have a stamp collection, you may be wondering what it’s worth — or how to go about selling it. In this guide, we’ll discuss some principals of how to sell stamps in the Seattle area — or wherever you happen to be located.


How Much Are My Stamps Worth?

The value of stamps or a stamp collection depends on several factors:

Modern vs. vintage: “Modern” stamps are generally considered to be stamps issued after 1930. Unused stamps from this category may be worth approximately their face value — so a $0.05 stamp may be worth $0.05 or so. A dealer may pay less than face value, however, in order to turn a profit. Vintage stamps may be worth more, depending on their rarity and value.

Condition: As with any collectible, condition is very important when it comes to stamps. Whether or not the stamp is used (postmarked) is also important.

Collection size: Many stamp dealers do not want to bother with small collections. They may not be interested in buying a small collection, or may offer a lower value. In general, the larger the collection, the easier it will be to sell for decent money.

Valuing a stamp collection is tricky. Since most collections number in the hundreds or thousands of stamps, calculating individual values is rarely worthwhile. Then again, you never know if you might have a rare stamp hiding in the masses of common stamps.

To add to the confusion, most stamp value resources that you will find online are wildly inaccurate. In most cases, the values they assign to stamps are far higher than their true market values.

Why is this? Stamp value guidebook publishers use historic data from decades of activity to calculate values. But the reality is that current market prices are usually much lower, due to decreased demand.

Plus, many guidebooks have a “minimum value” for stamps, often of $0.45. In reality, most of these stamps are worth little to nothing — perhaps not even $0.01.


Get a stamp appraisal to find the value of your collection

The simplest way to determine the value of your collection is to seek out a professional stamp appraisal. Having a stamp expert evaluate your collection will help you determine what it’s worth — and whether or not you want to sell.


How to Sell Stamps in Seattle

Stamp collections

The best place to sell a stamp collection in the Seattle area is Bellevue Rare Coins. Learn more about selling stamps to Bellevue Rare Coins here.

Bellevue Rare Coins has stamp experts standing by to evaluate your collections. We always provide no-obligation offers, which means you are never pressured to sell. Bellevue Rare Coins has been a trusted dealer in the Seattle area since 1979, and we have locations in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Issaquah and Tacoma.

Bellevue Rare Coins buys:

  • Stamp collections, with a preference for bulk/large collections
  • Uncut sheets of unused stamps
  • Plate blocks and plate block collections
  • Rare individual stamps, graded and ungraded

Clients are encouraged to schedule an appointment for faster service in our stores.


Other ways to sell stamps

While selling to Bellevue Rare Coins is the simplest and most efficient method, there are certainly other ways to sell a stamp collection. Here are some options:

Join a stamp club: You could choose to join a stamp club and try to find a buyer there directly. This is a good option if you’re actively collecting and would enjoy trading, exchanging or discussing stamps with fellow enthusiasts.

Attend a stamp show: You may also be able to attend a stamp show in your area and find a dealer willing to evaluate your collection there. Again, this is best if you’re actively involved in stamps and still enjoy the hobby.

Sell stamps online: You could also choose to sell stamps online, on a platform like eBay. This will require more effort, but may be an option if you don’t mind listing, packing and shipping your stamps.

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