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How to Sell Coins in Seattle & Beyond

Sell Coins in Seattle

Are you looking to sell some coins? Whether you have a huge coin collection or just a handful of collectible coins, it’s important to go about selling in the right way.

If you find the right buyer, you can get what your coins are actually worth! But if you go to a pawn shop or “we buy gold” place, you’ll get pennies on the dollar for what your coins are worth.

So, what is the best way to sell coins in Seattle? Here are your top options.

Sell to Bellevue Rare Coins

Bellevue Rare Coins is the best place to sell coins in Seattle and the surrounding areas. We have locations in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Issaquah, and Tacoma.

Our friendly and experienced staff members are experts at evaluating coins and other valuables. We pay more than other coin buyers because we have the expertise to properly evaluate coins — and the clientele to find the right buyer for your items.

When you come into a Bellevue Rare Coins store, you’ll be able to have your coins evaluated in just a few minutes, and walk out with cash or check in hand.

We buy huge collections, all the way down to single coins. No collection is too big or too small!

Here’s just a sample of what we buy:

  • U.S. Coins
  • World coins
  • Bullion coins
  • Antique coins
  • Graded coins
  • Mint error coins
  • Much more

And in fact, we also buy other valuables, like jewelry, bullion, comic books, and more. Bellevue Rare Coins is a one-stop-shop to sell valuables in Seattle!

Click here to learn more about selling to Bellevue Rare Coins.

Attend a Coin Show

If you’re interested in buying, selling, and trading coins, attending a coin show is another option. This certainly takes more effort than selling to BRC, but it can be an enjoyable experience for coin enthusiasts!

There are several coin shows in the Seattle area throughout the year. The best place to find info on upcoming events is at the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association website.

Join a Coin Club

Another option might be to join a coin club, where members often buy and trade coins with other club members. Again, this is a higher-effort option, but it can be a fun way to build community and make some trades with other enthusiasts.

Bellevue Rare Coins compiled a Washington State coin club directory to help our readers find coin clubs in their area!

Sell Online

If you have experience with selling items online, this could be another option. Some folks choose to sell their coins individually on eBay or other platforms. While this can be a decent option, it’s only recommended for experienced sellers.

There are a few things to keep in mind. The first is fees: Platforms like eBay will take 10-15% of the sale price in fees. You’ll also need to pay for shipping (or require the buyer to pay for shipping).

It can also take a lot of effort to list all your items individually. It may be worth it if it’s something you would enjoy, but it’s certainly simpler to sell to a coin shop.

Finally, be wary of scams, particularly when selling high-value items.

Come to Bellevue Rare Coins for a Free Assessment

Not sure yet? Keep in mind that Bellevue Rare Coins offers no-obligation quotes and assessments!

You can come in with your items and our experts will evaluate them and prepare a cash offer. If you accept, you can walk out in minutes with cash in hand.

But if you choose not to sell to us, that’s okay too! We never pressure clients to sell, and all quotes are issued with no strings attached.

Schedule an appointment today, or stop by one of our convenient Seattle area locations.

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