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Where to Buy Diamonds


Those born in the month of April may be some of the luckiest ones can think of. Not only do they get to celebrate their birth in a month that allows for such beautiful weather and scenery, they also get to have their month represented by the most sought after, precious gem known to man, the diamond.

Getting to Know Diamonds

Color, size, and quality fall on a broad spectrum. Ranging from .25 carat to 89.5+ carats, white to yellow, pink and black, diamonds present themselves in a wide variety of combinations. The one thing that they all have in common no matter their outward appearance is their core. They are all singularly composed of carbon that has undergone extreme pressure and natural chemical processes to achieve the form in which they are so loved. They are also the hardest gemstone known to man, landing them at whopping 10 on the Mohs scale.

Diamonds are found on virtually all continents across the globe, the vast majority of mines are concentrated on the African continent. They are both mined in the traditional sense of digging deep into the Earth to search for the stones and mined from alluvial sources in the Western region. Botswana, to the South, has become well known for their abundance of gem quality stones.

While Africa has been a major player in the diamond world, India, Russia and South America should not be forgotten on this front, as they have been great contributors as well. India especially was once very well known for being a major source of some of the highest quality diamonds. One in particular, the Koh-i-Noor, was discovered in India well before finding itself in England as part of the Crown Jewels.

The Four C’s of Diamonds


Diamonds for Sale in SeattleBut what makes a diamond so highly regarded? The 4 C’s are all factors: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.

Color assesses just that, the color of the diamond. Graded on a D-Z (D, H, N, Z) scale, the less color a stone possesses the higher the quality.

Cut refers to the stone’s polished finish such as the symmetry of the cut to enhance the stone’s clarity and diminish inclusions.

Clarity takes into consideration the amount and positions of the inclusions or blemishes a stone holds, additionally, the position of said inclusions, blemishes, and their relief.

Carat is the weight or size of the stone itself. Typically, the larger the stone, the more it will be worth per carat. There is one exception to the rule and that is rarity. The more rare a stone is (i.e. a blemish free 3 carat canary yellow will come with a higher price tag than a 5 carat pink with 2 inclusions or blemishes) the higher the quality and therefore the higher the price tag.

While diamonds come in a variety of colors, cuts, clarity and carats, they most certain will bring a smile to anyone’s face and hold a special place in their hearts.


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