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Could Goldfinger Really Break Into Fort Knox?

fortknoxfinal v2Only one man has ever been brave enough to try and rob Fort Knox. His name was Goldfinger, and — SPOILER ALERT — James Bond got him in the end. As most people know, Fort Knox is basically impossible to break into, but that didn’t stop Goldfinger from trying. In the Bond movie, Goldfinger’s plan involved some chemical gas, a time bomb, a helicopter, and a disguise. Pretty low-tech by today’s standards. Each individual security feature in the United States Bullion Depository, AKA Fort Knox, is a sophisticated barrier by itself. If Goldfinger wanted to break into Fort Knox with the knowledge and technology we have today, could it be done?

The first, and probably most difficult, hurdle to overcome at Fort Knox is what’s just outside of it. There is state-of-the-art weaponry and air and land military vehicles — and 30,000 soldiers live right beside the bullion storage facility. There’s pretty much no way to get around that. Goldfinger would need to find a way to incapacitate the massive military presence.

Another security feature that he would have to overcome is the ground sweeping radar. So nothing could touch the ground without raising suspicion. Then Goldfinger would have to avoid the mines and electric fences that are allegedly scattered across the property.

However, once inside Fort Knox, Goldfinger is still a long way from the gold bullion. First, he has to find a way into the building itself. The front door weighs 22 tons and is built to withstand explosions, and the walls are made of four feet of granite, while the floors are made of granite ten feet thick. Fort Knox’s shell was meant to withstand an atomic bomb. Getting through those walls without clearance just doesn’t seem possible.

After he’s inside, Goldfinger would need to break into a basically indestructible safe. The door weighs 20 tons and the code is such a highly guarded secret that no one person has it. Cracking it that way would be out of the question. And even if Goldfinger managed to get into the safe, the gold bullion weighs tons! So loading up and getting away with the gold would be a logistical challenge all by itself.

It’s probably clear by now that breaking into Fort Knox would be no easy feat. Even a master villain like Goldfinger, with all of the resources in the world at his fingertips, wouldn’t stand a chance.

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