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gold-bullion-beautiful-investmentThroughout the course of history, many cultures have been lured to the beauty of pure gold. Gold has always stood for prestige and riches, and has even been thought to have mystical powers by some ancient civilizations. While gold is still highly sought after today, the mythical lore surrounding it has given way to the reality that this precious metal will always be enjoyed for its value and beauty.

Golden Legends

Legends of buried treasure have always been popular and have inspired many people to go in search of something valuable, often going to great, hazardous lengths despite minimal chance for success. Perhaps none of these legends is as notorious as that of El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Many took the hunt for the El Dorado gold very seriously, including Sir Walter Raleigh, who dedicated his life to the cause, and Edgar Allen Poe, who wrote a poem about it.

When it comes to legends about the power and beauty of gold, none are quite as disturbing or cautionary as that of King Midas and his golden touch. Legend has it that Midas was the king of Pythagoria in Greece. King Midas was granted one wish and decided the best use of this wish was to bestow upon himself the power to turn anything he touched into gold. This led to King Midas becoming very rich, until he realized that even things he didn’t want to become gold, like food and his loved ones, were not exempt. The King had this wish reversed and the sand from the Pactolus River was said to become covered in gold.

When telling tall tales about gold, the ever elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow cannot be left out. Leprechauns, a fundamental part of Irish mythology, are said to protect a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Not many explorers have ventured abroad in search of said gold pot though, as the legend is commonly considered to be an allegory about wanting something beyond reach.

The Timeless Value and Beauty of Gold

Luckily for modern gold collectors, its value and beauty are just as coveted today as they were thousands of years ago. It is still considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing metal, whether in the form of jewelry, bullion bars or coins, perhaps in part due to its ingrained perceived value passed down through millennia.

Many cultures and countries have taken great pride in designing their gold currency, making these coins not only a reliable store of value but also beautiful to behold.

Gold as an Investment

In today’s unstable economy, many investors are turning to gold to diversify their portfolio and hedge against future economic and global uncertainty. Gold is extremely durable, is globally recognized as currency and is impervious to possible failures if our trusted information systems were to go down.

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As Good as Gold

Whether you are looking to build up your beautiful gold investment or are ready to sell your collection, Bellevue Rare Coins is the local Washington company you can rely on to constantly monitor the gold market for the latest price to ensure every customer, whether they are buying or selling, is getting a fair price.

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