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Final Number of Silver Libertads Is Still a Mystery

Finally. After much delay, the 2014 Mexican Silver Libertads have been released to the public. It’s not just the delay that makes these bullion coins a sensation. Like the gold Libertads, which were released in March, these silver coins typically have a relatively low mintage. The Mexican Mint is notorious for releasing a limited amount of Libertads. But exactly how many Libertads have been released is still in question.

In 2012, the total number of coins produced for the silver Libertad was well under one million for all denominations. Compare this to the American Silver Eagle, of which the U.S. Mint minted well over 38,000,000. Including proof, mint, and all denominations, the Mexican Mint released just over 8,000 gold Libertads in 2013. That’s an incredibly low number compared to mint amounts from other similar global bullion coins such as the South African Krugerrand and the American Gold and Silver Eagles the same year.

Mints typically disclose the annual mint amount when a coin is issued. However, it often takes months for the Mexican Mint to release the silver Libertad mint amounts. The mint number for gold Libertads was available at the time of release, but good luck tracking it down! The Mexican Mint doesn’t make it easy to find. So if you happen to purchase a Libertad at the time of release, on the right year, your coin can be quite valuable. But it’s not until the mint amount is released or widely known that the coin typically gains in value.

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