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To many, December is known as the month of giving to those near and dear to us as much as our bank accounts will allow, as we shower those in gifts that we may otherwise not consider gifting. But what happens when your friends and family are among the 1% who are fortunate enough to have more than their fair share of expendable income and get into the holiday spirit? You may just find yourself unwrapping one of these beauties with jaw-dropping price tags…


Heels by Christopher Michael Shellis

$218,407- $331,000


UK shoe designer Christopher Michael Shellis spent roughly three years creating his original masterpiece, the “Eternal Diamond” stilettos. With a top secret heating patent, these heels and their cousins, the “Diamond Princess Constellation”, are available in either solid gold or platinum and lavishly decorated in 30ct of white diamonds. Perfect for curing any walking blues!


Amour, Amour Dog Collar

$3.2 million

Dog owners have been known to spoil man’s best friend in ways that resemble spoiling a child but the elite have the ability to take it to a whole new level. The La Collection de Bijoux have marked their territory by creating the world’s most expensive dog collar: a 52 ctw, three-tiered chandelier-designed collar. Sixteen hundred diamonds are handset in 18kt white gold with a crocodile leather strap for durability. Each collar is custom fit to provide Fido with as much comfort as possible while looking ever so chic.


Goldsmith Jack Row Pen



Working exclusively with precious metals, Jack Row has made a name for itself in creating the world’s most intricate, luxurious writing instruments – considered to be the “Rolls Royce” of the writing world. Each pen is made of gold, silver or platinum and boasts a single .90ctw white diamond. Arriving six to eight weeks after ordered in a solid oak presentation case, the purchase also includes a desk display, limited edition certificate, ink refills, cleaning cloth, and cotton inspection gloves.


Gold Shoelaces


 The House of Solid Gold has created the perfect gift for the shoe enthusiast: 24kt gold shoelaces. Aptly named for the man who created the modern shoelace, the “Mr. Kennedy Golden Shoelaces” are handmade, 24k solid gold and take over 120 hours to create. Each pair also comes equipped with a lifetime warranty extended only to the original purchaser. Happy running!


Diamond Encrusted Flash Drive

$16,500- $36,900


Why store and transfer files on a measly old piece of plastic when you can do so on the Shawish Geneva Magic Mushroom collection? Each mushroom flash drive stores 32GB and varies in price based on the amount of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and other gem stones featured on the head. Hands down, tech luxury at its finest.



Now for the coin enthusiast in your life…


1913 Liberty Head V Nickel


 Jay Parino made history back in 1996 when he became the first person to ever pay over $1 million for anything numismatic related. At the time of purchase, Parino paid $1.485 million for the one in five specimen, for which the value has appreciated to just over $4.4 million in the last two decades. Currently, it is not on the market but you can visit one at the Smithsonian Institute or the American Numismatic Association Money Museum and drool with envy.


1870 S Liberty Seated Dollar



With 200 ordered for production and only nine left in existence, the 1870 S Liberty Seated Dollar is a rare beauty with very little of its history known. The only coins that are said to be accounted for show signs of wear so it is speculated that they were either struck and immediately released for circulation, or snuck out of the San Francisco Mint and spent with haste. Either way, it is easy to understand why there is such a valued interested and high price tag for the mysterious Granite Lady.


1927 D St Gaudens Double Eagle

$1.2 million

Another elusive lady is the 1927 S St Gaudens Double Eagle. Experts on record state that there are 13-15 pieces that were able to escape and remain hidden throughout the Great Depression. Surfacing sporadically from rare coin estimates in the 1940’s to the 1950’s, these specimens have consistently held the attention and interest in historians and numismatists throughout the years.


1794 Flowing Hair Dollar




Believed to be the first coin ever struck by the US Mint, the 1794 Flowering Hair Silver Dollar appraises at just over $800k. One such coin sold at auction to a New Jersey based rare-coin firm, Legend Numismatics, for $10 million, more than double the previously paid $4.1 million in 1999. The current owner has been quoted saying, “It is the fist American metal dollar struck and the finest known…. No museum has an equal price.”


1838 O Capped Bust Half Dollar


Struck to commemorate the opening of the New Orleans Mint, only 11 coins are left of the 20 originally struck. Not only are these the first half dollars to be struck at a mint, they are also some of the earliest to include a U.S. mint marking. Since creation, their rarity has been known, attributing to their value and drawing much attention to any auction in which they appear.


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