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Don’t Miss Your Chance to See a Rare Indian Head Gold Eagle


Have you ever laid eyes on a single coin worth more than a down payment on a house? Well if not, you can now. Bellevue Rare Coins recently acquired a 1930 S Indian Head Gold Eagle $10 coin worth an astonishing $89,000.

This coin’s beauty is only trumped by its history. Among coin collectors, the S Indian Head Gold Eagles are considered the cream of the crop. As the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation’s site explains, the coins were created in an “unprecedented collaboration of a great sculptor, and a dynamic president.” That dynamic president was none other than Theodore Roosevelt.

After being elected president for a second term in 1904, Roosevelt was unenthused with what U.S. mint designers had created for his inaugural medal design. So he called for new coins to be created, and commissioned famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to do it. Legend has it, Saint-Gaudens, overwhelmed with work, only had time to sketch the original design on a napkin on a train. His apprentice, Adolph Weinman, did all of the actual sculpting work. Weinman later became famous for his Mercury dime design. Several redesigns by Saint-Gaudens followed the initial sketch, resulting in the exquisite coins we know today.

Getting the coins into circulation proved to be another interesting story. First, bureaucratic squabbles hampered the project. And then the stock market crash seriously delayed the coin’s release. As a result, it wasn’t until 1907 that the first S Indian Head Gold Eagle $10 coin was finally issued. This fascinating story certainly makes these coins intriguing. But the quality and rarity of the coin we have make it something you should not miss.

The coin at Bellevue Rare Coins is special because 1930 was one of the key dates in the series. That’s because fewer than 100,000 were issued that year, and none were issued the next. As you might imagine, this piece has kept its beauty throughout its journey to our showroom. But why imagine? Stop by Bellevue Rare Coins to check out this spectacular piece of history.

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