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Gold is the world’s most precious metal. Highly regarded for its investment value along with its malleable, non-corrosive characteristics, gold has almost endless capabilities within the industrial and medical realms. Historically, gold has been utilized in the dental community as fillings, tooth replacements, etc. but now it may hold the key to help the fight against cancer.


Recently, the National Cancer Research have made a substantial breakthrough by using gold as a transporter for a newly developed drug which shuts down the telomerase in cancer cells. This process is detrimental in malignant cancer cells since it prevents the ability of cancer cells to rejuvenate and grow.


This medical advancement may prove to be the best route regarding the fight against cancer when compared to the alternative- chemotherapy, and radiation. The latter two not only attack cancer cells but also the afflicted’s immune system, leaving the patient weak and more susceptible to other illnesses such as influenza. The new method of treating cancer with gold nanoparticles helps to reduce the need for chemotherapy and radiation as a form of treatment due to the target being strictly cancer cells, avoiding healthy cells altogether.


Just how will this impact the gold market if every cancer patient were to use gold as their treatment vehicle?


When diving into the numbers of just how much gold is used per patient, per treatment, the effect on the demand for industrial gold for medical purposes could be astronomical.


Though treatment requires about 3% of the amount of gold found in the average wedding bands, about .12grams of gold nanoparticles and a relatively small amount of gold, the growing amount of patients per year is what would place a strain on the gold market.


Roughly 1,685,210 Americans were diagnosed with cancer in 2016. If we take that number, without including those already going through other methods of treatment, gold treatment would demand 19,505 troy ounces for the United States alone. Now take into consideration the rest of the world utilizing gold treatment, the strain then becomes substantial on the above ground gold supply.


But if the gold market and the medical community can find a way to meet supply and demand, this revolutionary treatment for cancer may become the go-to method for fighting this devastating disease.


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