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Will Congress Approve a Curved Apollo 11 Coin?

Apollo 11 Gold Plated Coin Moon Landing NASA Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin

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On July 20,1969, the world changed forever. The U.S. successfully landed the first-ever manned craft on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took gravity-free steps where no men had ever walked before. They planted a U.S. flag, and in doing so, changed human history for all time. In four years, it will be the 50th anniversary of this momentous occasion. To honor the historic event, a commemorative coin is in the works.

Representative Bill Posey from Florida introduced a bill to Congress that would call for the issuance of a commemorative coin honoring the moon landing. Posey’s father was an engineer at NASA during the Apollo 11 mission, and Posey himself worked for NASA as part of the Apollo 11 launch team. So it makes sense that Posey would be a champion for this commemorative coin.

The bill will “require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint commemorative coins in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon.” It was introduced to the House on June 10, 2015, and is still awaiting approval. Posey spoke out on the significance of a commemorative Apollo 11 coin in a statement to the press.

“The United States remains the only country to have ever landed humans on a celestial body off the Earth,” Posey stated. “Honoring that great feat and recognizing [the] astronauts… is what our bipartisan legislation is all about.”

The bill was brought to Congress by a group of five members from all over the political spectrum. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), John Culberson (R-TX), Gene Green (D-TX) and Rod Blum (R-IA) all rallied behind Posey to get the bill off the ground.

The bill also stipulates how the coin should be designed. Most notably, the specifications call for the coin to be curved, like the very popular Baseball Hall Of Fame commemorative coin. Buzz Aldrin’s iconic helmet visor will be featured as the reverse design, perfectly complementing the curve. There is a contest for the design on the obverse side of the coin. Additionally, the bill states that the following denominations will be issued: $5 gold coins, $1 silver coins, half-dollar clad coins, and proof-silver $1 coins.

It’s been nearly half a century since one of the mankind’s most glorious achievements — the moon landing. It’s fitting that the occasion be honored with something as long lasting and important as a commemorative coin.

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