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The 2015 Chinese Panda Coins Have Radically Changed

Every year, China releases a new bullion coin, and each year, collectors scramble to get them. One side of the coin changes every year, so collectors can always count on something new with the Chinese Panda coin. But for 2015, everything has changed.

Last month, the design for the 2015 Chinese Panda coin was released. Like all the Chinese Panda coins before it, the panda side of the coin has a new design that omits some important details, such as the weight, fineness and a metal inscription. However, this isn’t the only thing worth mentioning about the new 2015 design.

In addition to not listing the weight of the coin on the its reverse, it is rumored that the Chinese Mint is also changing from ounces to grams and kilos. Considering the troy ounce is the common standard unit of measurement for gold and silver, there are questions why the Chinese Mint would choose to do this. With all the new changes to the coin’s weight and inscriptions, it remains to be seen how much exactly these coins will weigh, or how these drastic differences will impact sales.

All these technical changes have grabbed the spotlight, but what about the real star: the panda? This year’s panda is adorably zaftig. The image of the plump panda gnawing lackadaisically on bamboo makes the design friendlier than ever. The cartoonish design is sure to be a favorite of young and mature collectors alike.

So when will this much sought after coin be released? Shortly. Early release coins are already in the hands of a few dealers, and most media outlets are saying they’ll be everywhere by early December.

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