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Gold American $20 Liberty

The United States minted the $20 Gold Liberty Head Double Eagle coin from 1849 until 1907. The term Double Eagle was given to this denomination because these coins are double the size and amount of the gold Eagle coins ($10). The famous James B. Longacre produced the design of the Liberty Head Double Eagle gold coin.

Liberty Head Double Eagle gold $20 coins were struck from the Philadelphia, Denver, Carson City, New Orleans and San Francisco mints. There are three major sub-types of this coin. The first design was used from 1849 until 1866 with no motto on the reverse and the denomination design as “Twenty D.” The second sub-type was produced from 1866 until 1876 in which the motto “In God We Trust” was added to the reverse above the eagle. The third and final sub-type was the change in the design from “Twenty D.”’ to “’Twenty Dollars.”

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