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100 oz JM Silver Bar (Poured)

100 oz JM Silver Bar (Poured)$2530.62

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100 oz JM Poured Silver Bar

Experience the melding of history, craftsmanship, and investment with the 100 oz JM Poured Silver Bar, exclusively curated for you by Bellevue Rare Coins.


Handcrafted Appeal: Unlike standard minted bars, the hand-poured technique gives this bar its unique, rugged texture, making each piece distinct.
Weight & Purity: Weighing in at a substantial 100 ounces, this bar is stamped with '.999', guaranteeing its fine silver content.
Branding: The unmistakable JM hallmark assures authenticity, representing one of the most revered names in the world of precious metals.

Investment Potential: A hefty weight combined with JM's trusted reputation makes this an ideal addition to any investor's portfolio.
Collector's Dream: Its unique, hand-poured design ensures no two bars are identical, offering a distinctive piece for collectors.
Bellevue Assurance: As with all our offerings, this bar underscores Bellevue Rare Coins' commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction.

With the 100 oz JM Poured Silver Bar, you're not just adding to your collection or investment; you're embracing a narrative of age-old metalworking tradition, modern investment sensibilities, and a passion for the unparalleled.

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