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$1,000 Face 90% US Silver Halves

$100 Face 90% US Silver Halves$1880.37

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$1,000 Face 90% US Silver Halves Collection

Delve into the storied heritage of American monetary tradition with Bellevue Rare Coins' exclusive compilation of $1,000 Face value in 90% silver US half-dollars.

Halves' Historic Trio:
This curated collection unfurls:

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar, embodying freedom's stride and echoing the nation's resilient spirit.
The Franklin Half Dollar, celebrating Benjamin Franklin, a luminary in America's inception and the embodiment of enlightenment ideals.
The Kennedy Half Dollar, paying homage to the vision and dedication of the 35th President, John F. Kennedy.
Investment Enriched with Lore:
Struck with 90% pure silver, these half-dollars transcend their monetary role. They illustrate a blend of American storytelling and material investment. Their significant spot in the U.S. coinage lineage categorizes them as portals to historical epochs and invaluable assets for the prudent investor.

Collector's Treasury:
Each half-dollar within this set narrates its distinct chapter of America's evolving narrative. Their individual designs, coupled with their eminent stature in the U.S. numismatic annals, make them a vital addition for every coin aficionado.

Bellevue's Guarantee:
Selecting Bellevue Rare Coins is to endorse a history of authenticity and unparalleled expertise. Every collection of our $1,000 Face 90% Silver Halves is subjected to rigorous evaluation, ensuring you connect with coins that radiate both prestige and provenance.

Embark on a voyage of historical discovery, masterful design, and astute investment with our $1,000 Face 90% US Silver Halves. They are not merely coins; they are eras sculpted in silver, awaiting their next custodian.

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